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A logo is much more than an identification when it comes to a law firm. Most of the basic law firm logos can be just their names in bold font and a simple color combination. But, for an authoritative law firm or attorney these basic logos are utterly useless. Logos for law firms are even more complicated than a mere brand name with some colors in it. A law firms logo has a very unique design, the intermix of colors and symmetry with a shiny tag line to it. A logo that actually conveys people to spend big bucks on these law firm is the one that has all these elements in it. A law firm's logo acts as a consistent graffiti that helps your client to know you and memorize you without any intricacies.

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Logos play a pivotal role for any firm’s branding campaign but when it comes to the logos of attorney or law firm websites, they get even more important because that is more than just a mere identification symbol to them. Logo Traffic knows exactly what needs to be put into an attorney or law firm logo to bolster its brand placement amongst the customer’s mind. We already have created over hundreds of logos for attorneys and law firms and our experts know how exactly a logo should be crafted for such entities. If you are running an attorney’s website or a law firm, feel free to contact us by filling our contact us form or by emailing us your complete query along with the contact details. Our consultants would love to call you back and discuss your case in further depth. At LogoTraffic we are always looking for innovative ideas to put forward the best possible outcome for our clients and that is why numerous attorneys from US and European regions are a big fan of our work. So, what are you waiting for? Let us design you the best attorney or a law firm logo with unlimited revisions along with the vector and rasterized file formats, so you can fully own your corporate logo without any worries.

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How the Scenario is Changing for Attorneys & Law Firms

The law firms have not a very bright history when it comes to the branding, usually these firms used to get away with their strength in the legal field, the personal relationships they had with their clients, and the knowledge they had in this field. But, in modern day these 3 elements are not enough for any law firm or attorney to go all branding. The emergence of technology has changed all the dynamics of legal industry as well. People search for lawyer’s reputation online, they read the reviews posted by their clients and off course they compare the fee structures offered by different law firms in their locality. With the increased competition in the law field it has become very difficult for beginner level or mid-level firms to gather the leads. The law firms that are ruling the market are usually the one with highly capable staff and lots of big budget behind them. The American Lawyer has described the beginner and mid-level law firm as stuck in a zone called the “Hollow Middle,” where neither prestige nor rates can ensure business. Read More