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A good email signature is an essential tool for any brand to use in it’s communications. It develops trust, enforces your legitimacy, and just helps in building brand awareness. It’s essential because all of your digital communications need to be flawless. Another reason why hiring professionals to design and develop your email signature is the way to go, is simply because email signatures are hard to code. At LogoTraffic we design email signature professionally that matches your business branding, creating a unique, corporate approach for your digital communication.

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You might consider using gmail or outlook to design your signature as it is easy and simple. The problem with that is outlook 2007, 2010 and 2013 uses its own word rendering engine that has tons of irrelevant and incompatible html to design the signature and that doesn’t work well with other email client services. They won’t see the perfectly coded signature that you see but rather a jumbled mess that just doesn't look good. Again, because outlook’s code isn’t compatible.
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