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Unlimited Reevaluations

Unlimited Reevaluations

Logo Design Conception Time refers to the time required to understand and create an exceptionally well-featured logo design. The logo design that is eventually presented to you will feature your presented idea and concept during this period. The most time required from our end would take 24-48 hours. Though each package has its own variants.

The package with four or more logo design concepts has a turnaround time of approximately 48 hours that also once the order confirmation has been submitted along with a brief that provides an essence to what the customer is expecting to be represented.

Refund Policy

Logo Traffic's refund policy will be void if;

Quality Assurance

We ensure to produce the best that will meet the requirement of each of our customers. We have highly experienced designers that work on your provided logo concepts. Their skills surely are replicated in the final logo design presented and meet expectations. As a matter, our intention as an entity is to exceed each customer’s expectation when it comes to providing quality.

Our designers focus heavily on research and new advances introduced in the market to provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee to our customers. This is the very reason an unlimited reevaluation procedure has been implemented to assure complete customer satisfaction.

Communication and Customer Support

At “Logo Traffic” a customer support team is dedicatedly operating 24/7 to assist you with all your queries and concerns. Logo Traffic most certainly does not take any responsibility for any communication that is made other than the given modes of communication that have been mentioned on our official website: https://www.logotraffic.com/

Email Address: [email protected]
Contact Number: 1-866-352-1628

*We take complete responsibility for only the information that is presented on our official domains

Terms of Cancellation

Customers certainly have the right to cancel, terminate, or even reject the contract/order but under the following conditions: