Privacy Statement

Logo Traffic stands as a renowned and reputable entity in the market. The reputation is in-tacked as we are utmost dedicated when it comes to providing our clients with the most transparent association. At every point, we ensure and personally cater to keep our clients’ online presence protected with extreme caution and care.

We deliver clients with 100% confidential surfing experience. We make sure to provide complete privacy with our clients so that they can confidently browse/go through our given services with sureness. As a result, we retain clients, and they place orders for their logo designs with us at Logo Traffic with an ease of mind.

There is no questioning the fact that our clients use our numerous exclusive website features anonymously, yet there are a few premium features/ contents that necessitate some information. Then again, we at Logo Traffic solemnly provide surety to keep your information safe. We respect your privacy and never indulge in activities such as sell or disclose even a minor detail of our client at any further given point or third party.

Clients’ Basic Information

We attain our client’s basic information through several methods. The most common modes through which we receive your basic info are through subscription/ order forms etc. Even the basic information is catered with utmost sensitivity and security. Stay reassured that every part of our clients’ information is unconditionally protected under our strictly observed privacy policy.

Not a minor detail can/would be breached regardless of how general the information maybe. Nor a piece of single information will be revealed to the third party association at any given point without the client's consent. Clients’ basic information that is gathered simply comprises of the client or company’s name and contact details such as email address and phone number.

Clients’ basic information is attained to further proceed with the processes that are required to initiate the order placement. It helps to coordinate with the clients in reference to their order, which may be in any form of correspondence, concerns, new offers/ discounts, updates/ pre-releases, etc. Name or contact details are never shared amongst any individual or company as we at Logo Traffic cater to them with great confidentiality and tenderness.

Third Part Association

Logo Traffic does not share its customers’ personal nor basic information with their third party association, but then again, the clients will be needed to share their credit card details on payment portals such as PayPal, which will help us to proceed with the order ahead

Additional Clients’ Details Required

The additional yet necessary client details that we possibly could require are the clients’ browser cookies/ version and IP Address, operating system and even the date/ time of when the client visited our website. These details assist in improving our countless features. Via these, our in-house web developers can specify which page has advanced to attain a better bounce rate.

Each of these additional client details that are required and, once attained, are secured under a highly safe SSL encrypted server. The clients are also given the liberty to disable the cookies from the browser, though by doing so, this will limit the access of the features on our website for the client.

• At any point on sole discretion of Logo Traffic, an alteration can be applied to the privacy policy. Though an email will be circulated to notify the clients prior to the date of alterations.