Logo Design Inspiration

The purpose of following design trends is to give you ideas about where to go next and to get your own creative juices flowing. Find out what was hot in logo design in 2022, and what’s predicted to be popular in 2023, whether you’re just starting your brand research, or you’re looking to give your original logo a facelift for the new year with a redesign project. Even the experts offering logo design agency in the USA can benefit from this compilation!

Best Logo Trends In The 2023 - Modified Serifs:

A ubiquitous typeface design, serifs include flares at the ends and corners of letters. Traditionally used for lengthy journalistic or literary writings, or for darker Art déco-era titles, serifs are witnessing a rebirth in a more fun and carefree expression.

Decorative Initials:

Monograms are a type of logo that consists of a single decorative sign made up of one to three letters. They are also known as letter marks. Once reserved for official use, the monogram has recently undergone a decorative transformation, with new layers being added and contrasting colors and typefaces being used to add an expressive flourish.

Outer And Inner Space:

The modern minimalist aesthetic is all about experimenting with white space and typefaces’ relationships to one another. Guided lines and negative space can be used to connect type, providing the logo a spine, an anchor, or even a fresh new direction where none existed before.

Doodling And Sketching:

These logos look like they were drawn by a kid who loves graphic design, but they’re actually supposed to be approachable and friendly, and they have their roots in the ongoing trend of drawing inspiration from nostalgia, particularly when it comes to ‘90s fashions.

Put It Down

There has been a recent trend for “overlay logos,” in which various graphic components are stacked above one another to create an eye-catching 3D impression. Each element of the logo may be seen on its own while still being part of the whole. Geometric shapes and color transparency work particularly

Text Assortment:

This year has seen a rise in the popularity of text-based logos, which offers a refreshing alternative to conventional company branding by experimenting with a wide range of typefaces. These types of jumbled text experiment with layout options and go against the necessity for neatness and consistency.

Y2k 4ever:

Of all, fashion fads come and go in cycles, and millennial designers have shown that they care about nostalgia and the complete reinvention of the nineties. The Y2K designs of 2022 and 2023 add a dreamy softness to the harshness and sterility of metallic and industrial forms, evoking a time when it was uncertain whether technology could have a human feel. This movement is instantly understandable by both the current generation of designers and those who were around for the original iteration of these ideas.

Lock It Up: Illustration:

Minimalist fads come and go, but the idea behind a simple line drawing will always be relevant. Because of their timeless simplicity, illustration lock-up logo styles that emphasize block printing, basic shapes, and neutral tones are experiencing a major renaissance.

It’s Lower Case:

2023 logos will focus on accessibility. Using only lowercase letters gives a more casual style a simple feel. It’s not necessary to use all capital letters for formal writing; lowercase will serve just fine.

Lock It Up: Text:

Typography has been revolutionized by current logo design trends, becoming an additional means of expression. Common text lock-up designs use enclosing shapes like circles, arches, and tombstones to protect brand information.


You can give your company’s logo a modern update by using the trending bright colors. This candy-colored dessert palette veers sharply away from the “Chobanicore” aesthetic movement of 2021 and toward the bubble gum pop art of the 1950s and ‘60s.

Dimensional Play

These multi-dimensional logos will help you visualize 2023 in full 3D. Each logo in this style stands out from the page because of the addition of layers, the separation of text, and the expansion of the concepts at play over the traditional static logo.


Since real life rarely follows a script, a hand-drawn logo is a sincere way to represent your company’s unscripted nature. This style, with its romantic appearance of incompleteness, accomplishes a great deal more to communicate the brand’s ethos through the individuality imbued in the drawing. This one just doesn’t apply to logos, but you can also use it for a award winning web design company!

Mascots in logos:

There will be new faces in the design industry in 2019. Logo mascots have been seen in a wide variety of formats, from doodles to cartoon illustrations to full-length animated films. Use the following examples to get in on the action with a pal.

Go Westward:

This renaissance of Western and Americana logo design, like 2022’s Art nouveau rebirth, employs retro futurism to bring the designs of yesteryear into the present day. Even more so in 2022, when psychedelic design norms are once again in vogue, when the old and the new can be combined to make something completely new.